Meet The Necklaces Blog Team

Clare Hughes (News Editor)

I have worked in London for the past seven years writing for women’s magazines and am very pleased to have joined As head of the site’s editorial team, I am responsible for ensuring the blog contains lots of high-quality information to help visitors learn about necklaces and make their purchasing decisions more informed. In my free time I enjoy ice-skating with my husband and our two children. My ideal evening is relaxing at the end of a hard day with a Jackie Collins or Danielle Steel novel.

Catherine Turner (Content Writer)

I graduated last summer with an honours degree in English Literature – a tribute perhaps to the hundreds if not thousands of novels I have read and enjoyed over the years! I have written and illustrated several short stories for children and hope to become a published author one day. I write regularly for a local newspaper in my area and am an accomplished cellist in the town’s university orchestra. To relax I enjoy going out for dinner with friends and shopping in the High Street for the latest bargains.

Irene Walker (Content Writer)

I was born in the Yorkshire Dales and I am the eldest of four children. I work as a teacher in the primary school in the village I grew up in. I have a part-time job as a bell ringer in my local church and enjoy walking and hill climbing. I remember making my first necklace with fresh daisies picked from my best friend’s front garden. The golden heads laced with delicate white petals captured my heart and I am forever helping the girls I teach how to pierce the stems and lace the flowers together. Working as part of the team gives me the chance to write about real necklaces with precious gemstones and to share my knowledge.

Jess Cooper (Content Writer)

Hi, I’m Jess from Salisbury. I work as a nurse and live quite close to Stonehenge. I don’t get the chance to wear much jewellery at work but love to glam up in the evenings. I started buying necklaces when I was about twelve with money I earned from a paper round. I can now afford nicer necklaces and have a big collection to choose from when I go out with my friends. I love wearing gold necklaces and always accessorise with matching earrings and bracelets. I found the website whilst shopping for a birthday present and signed up to be a content writer to share my tips and advice with everyone.

Phil Morris (Content Writer)

I confess my interest in necklaces stems from my wife who, by her own admission, wears jewellery like it’s going out of fashion. She has chests of drawers overflowing with necklaces in every colour you can imagine! We live in an apartment in the centre of London and both work in the fashion industry. My work involves a lot of research and writing about jewellery designs, so it was a natural step to join the blog team. I hope my inside knowledge proves interesting reading for anyone passing by.

Russell Mason (Content Writer)

As the eldest son of an established baker in Devon my family were surprised when I turned away from the family business and pursued a career in journalism. With more than a hundred stamps on my passport I visited many countries during my long career reporting news events. On my journeys I was always fascinated by the different types of ornate necklaces worn by men and women across cultures. Since retiring I chose to write for as the site is professional, informative and offers an opportunity for people to buy necklaces from the comfort of their own home.

Samantha Davies (Content Writer)

I come from the Cornish surfing town of Newquay and when I’m not catching waves I’ll either be working in the burger bar off the beach or catching up with my A-Level coursework. As well as surfing, I am a qualified lifeguard and work hard protecting the public. In my spare time I have just started a business making leather and bead necklaces for fellow surfers that I hope I can sell online. I also love organic necklaces made with shells, driftwood and wooden beads. I found by random on Google and thankfully got accepted as a content writer. I hope I can write informative articles on necklaces that people will find useful.