Necklaces Buying Guide

If you’re looking for necklaces then you’ve come to the right place! At we have over 5,000 stunning necklaces suitable for wearing to work or matching that new dress you’ll wear to your next party.

A well chosen necklace can alter your appearance in an instant. Necklaces highlight your features, accentuate your neckline and can even alter your body shape. With so many different colours and styles it’s no wonder necklaces are one of our favourite jewellery accessories.

Necklaces make great gifts for friends and family too. Save time and effort trawling through queues in the High Street when you shop for necklaces online using We have selected an amazing choice of necklaces from your favourite High Street stores that can be ordered securely online and delivered to your home or workplace.

So if you’re searching for a special necklace for yourself or a necklace as a gift for a friend’s birthday or wedding anniversary then our guide to choosing the best necklaces will surely help.

Choosing A Necklace

If you’re buying a necklace for yourself you’ll probably have something in mind already. It might be a powerful statement necklace to lift your spirits and ooze with confidence or something more subtle such as a pretty gold necklace with the gemstone of your birthmonth.

If you’re choosing a necklace for someone else, consider jewellery they already wear. For example if they wear silver earrings then a silver necklace will be the perfect complementary jewellery.

Matching metals is as popular as matching gemstones. If you love the colour blue then choose a sapphire necklace or perhaps a necklace with shimmering blue beads. Pretty sapphire necklaces are used to celebrate 45th wedding anniversaries and necklaces with different gemstones represent other anniversary and birthday years too.

Also consider the style of your necklace, is it designed to be worn with a shirt or blouse or over a jumper. Long necklaces are designed to be doubled or trebled to create different effects and always look stunning with polo neck jumpers. Shorter necklaces and chokers work well with t-shirts and dresses.

You’ll find many different types of necklaces at that you can take time to browse and compare until you find the perfect necklace to wear or give as a gift.

What’s The Occasion?

Necklaces make excellent birthday presents and wedding anniversary gifts. They are treasures that will be remembered long after the occasion and can be worn every day or saved for special occasions and nights out. If you are ordering a necklace through remember that many necklaces come gift wrapped or in a presentation box. Some necklaces have free delivery too.

If you’re buying necklaces for a particular occasion remember to look at the Birthstones By Month guide which explains which gemstones relate to each month and how they can be talismans for people born in those months. For example emerald necklaces suit those born in the summer month of May and topaz necklaces are perfect for those born in November. Receiving a stunning necklace with your birthstone is a unique and precious gift.

Why Buy Necklaces Online?

Buying jewellery online is simple, easy and extremely convenient. Where else can you compare necklaces from all of your favourite High Street shops and online stores without leaving the comfort of home or fitting a little online shopping into your lunchbreak?

When you compare necklaces at you are comparing jewellery from leading High Street shops such as H.Samuel, Goldsmiths and Ernest Jones and many more. You’re also able to select jewellery from shops you might not have in your area or are too far away. With a wide choice of fabulous and fashionable necklaces with new and exciting designs you can be a trend setter wearing this season’s necklaces as well as having a choice of reliable, contemporary classics.

Buying necklaces online has great price saving advantages as without the large overheads of a High Street shop the online store can reduce prices. You’ll find many necklaces with free or cheap delivery, gift wrapping services and presentation boxes too.

For men who are choosing a necklace for someone special having online tools such as’s Necklace Finder will help choose the perfect necklace. Rather than being hustled and bustled into a decision in a store you can take as long as you like to make an informed choice about the necklace you would like to buy.

As well as browsing in comfort you can research which necklace she might like and enjoy the technology of buying your necklaces and having them arrive shortly by post. Necklaces can be delivered to your home or workplace to keep the gift a secret until you’re ready to give the jewellery to your special someone. Necklaces make excellent birthday or anniversary gifts and are simple to wrap and post with a card.