Types Of Necklace

There are many different types of necklace to choose from including fashion favourite pendant necklaces, butterfly necklaces and charm necklaces that we love to wear every day and those special necklaces we keep for anniversaries and special occasions.

Necklaces can be used not just as jewellery accessories but to highlight your features and accentuate your neckline. These are some of the most popular types of necklaces available to buy online through Necklaces.org.uk.

No matter whether you’re choosing a necklace for yourself or a friend, at Necklaces.org.uk we make this easy with our sophisticated Necklace Finder helping you browse more than 5,000 necklaces from High Street retailers such as Ernest Jones, H.Samuel, Goldsmiths and more.


A necklace is a length of material, sometimes fabric but typically metal such as gold, silver or sterling silver that is wound loosely around the neck and fastened with a clasp. Necklaces come in different lengths which can be used to draw attention to features such as the neck, breastbone or chest. Check out our Necklace Size Guide for popular lengths and sizes. Longer bead necklaces are great for the winter as they can be worn over jumpers, or wound around the wrist to make a bracelet instead. Short necklaces such as chokers and necklaces that rest on the collarbone are perfect for wearing every day on their own or with a pair of matching earrings. Giving a necklace as a birthday or anniversary gift is a thoughtful present that will last longer than a box of chocolates.

Pendant Necklaces

Luxurious gemstone and bead pendants hang delicately from gold necklaces, silver necklaces and chains. Pendants add style and glamour to a necklace. They are captivating, mesmerising and enchanting to behold. A deep shimmering blue sapphire pendant is the perfect gift for someone born in September and an amethyst pendant will be appreciated by your February-born or Pisces friend. For a list of pendant gemstones by month and also by star sign, take a look at our Birthstones By Month guide.

Butterfly Necklaces

Peaceful and charming images are conjured through butterfly necklaces. These angels of peace are timeless, captivating and enchanting and symbols of Mother Nature. Butterfly necklaces are cute yet sophisticated. Pretty glass butterfly necklaces and those made with precious metals such as silver butterfly necklaces and gold butterfly necklaces appeal to all ages. Your friend, sister or soul mate will love the elegant charm within the butterfly necklace and the freedom these amazing creatures represent.

Charm Necklaces

Wearing lucky charms and talismans on a necklace is one of the best ways to show the world who you are and the things you like and that are important to you. Charm necklaces can contain a single charm or you can fill your charm necklace with icons of your favourite cartoon characters, ancient runes and many more. An extra bonus of charm necklaces is that they can be doubled or trebled and become a charm bracelet on your wrist. Add precious gemstones such as diamonds or emeralds to your charm necklace to add colour and value to your favourite jewellery.

Chunky Necklaces

Everyone loves chunky necklaces. The tactile feel of the oversized beads is comfortable and reassuring as well as trendy and cool. Chunky necklaces are made with diverse materials such as wood, metal, beads and glass. You’ll find a great choice of chunky necklaces at Necklaces.org.uk. Wearing a chunky necklace to work can give you confidence and these fashionable accessories make excellent gifts for friends and family too.

Cross Necklaces

Striking and symbolic cross necklaces are worn for religious purposes by men and women alike. Wearing gold cross necklaces and silver cross necklaces are a demonstration of faith that is carried out the world over. For those who mix fashion and style with religion there are cross necklaces filled with diamonds and precious stones. Cross necklaces are also worn by those who simply enjoy the cross geometric shape that serves as a quiet reminder of faith and peace.

Heart Necklaces

The heart is the symbol of love, romance, passion and desire and heart necklaces are the perfect way to say “I love you” or to show that you are a loving, caring person. Heart necklaces are both romantic and affectionate and the perfect way to show you care even if you can’t find the right words. Heart necklaces carry the message of love and can be exchanged between lovers, best friends and family. Heart necklaces are especially popular around Valentines Day and at Christmas. Giving or receiving a heart necklace is a beautiful gift that will be treasured forever.

Long Necklaces

It’s often said that long necklaces elongate our shape using the necklace’s parallel lines drawing the eye to the longer design and making us look slimmer. Long necklaces are typically over 30 inches and can be bought through Necklaces.org.uk in a fabulous choice of colours and designs. Long necklaces have the extra versatility where they can be doubled, trebled and wound around your wrist to create a bracelet too.

Statement Necklaces

Captivate your audience with big, bold statement necklaces. These fun and funky necklaces are made to be noticed. Statement necklaces are perfect to wear to work and for that special evening out. Add some flair to your outfit with a bold and extravagant statement necklace that will wow the crowds. Statement necklaces are about fashion and experimenting with your own unique style. You’ll find many statement necklaces to be the centrepiece of your outfit here at Necklaces.org.uk. Simply find the necklaces you’re looking for and order securely online.

Jewellery Tip:
Try wearing silver if you normally wear gold, or wear different gemstones for a change – it will open up many jewellery combinations and you might find a new colour or new gemstone that you love.