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    About Irene Walker

    I was born in the Yorkshire Dales and I am the eldest of four children. I work as a teacher in the primary school in the village I grew up in. I have a part-time job as a bell ringer in my local church and enjoy walking and hill climbing. I remember making my first necklace with fresh daisies picked from my best friend’s front garden. The golden heads laced with delicate white petals captured my heart and I am forever helping the girls I teach how to pierce the stems and lace the flowers together. Working as part of the Necklaces.org.uk team gives me the chance to write about real necklaces with precious gemstones and to share my knowledge.

    Posts Written by Irene Walker

    Charm Necklaces – The Funky, Trendy Necklaces You’ll Love!

    Charm necklaces are the special necklaces that with a single item of jewellery can represent your past, present and your future. Charms are trinkets that represent a part of your life. Choose heart charm necklaces if you’re in love or star charm necklaces if you’re a dreamer or a diva.

    Necklaces are the statement jewellery that catches our eye. Take off your necklace and you take off a part of yourself. Charm necklaces are pretty and simply charming necklaces that are available in many shapes, sizes and colours. Choose your charm necklaces at Necklaces.org.uk, the UK’s number 1 necklace comparison site. (more…)

    Long Necklaces – Sleek, Chic Jewellery

    Long necklaces are sleek, chic jewellery that’s perfect for making you happy when you wear these long necklaces to work, at home and out with friends and family. Long necklaces woven around your neck singularly or doubled and trebled offer a choice of looks from one jewellery item. Long necklaces can be made from many materials such as beads, glass, wood and metal.

    You’ll find an exquisite choice of long necklaces at Necklaces.org.uk, the UK’s number one necklaces comparison site with thousands of pretty necklaces available to buy securely online from your favourite High Street and online stores. Find fabulous long necklaces for yourself and long necklaces that will make the perfect Christmas presents for your friends. (more…)

    Amber Necklaces, Honey Coloured Necklaces With Charm

    Amber necklaces are the eye catching autumn jewellery that will brighten up your jewellery box and create a stunning jewellery centrepiece when you wear these autumnal necklaces to work, to parties or just hanging around the house. Amber necklaces are filled with the essence of nature.

    Wearing soft coloured amber necklaces will warm your appearance and light up your face and accentuate your eyes. Amber is a light and gentle gemstone that won’t weigh heavy on your neck and is stunning when worn with a gold chain or a silver necklace. Try complementing your amber necklace with a warm bronze scarf or honey coloured bag and shoes. (more…)

    Pearl Necklaces – A Portrait Of Passion And Desire

    Pearl necklaces capture the essence of the ocean. Chic and refined, tranquil and timeless, pearl necklaces are shimmery and shiny and a true delight to wear around your neck. The soft pastel colourings within pearl necklaces can be truly uplifting and the texture next to your skin is simply divine.

    To buy your own pearl necklaces, freshwater pearl necklaces and cultured pearl necklaces choose from the fabulous collection available through Necklaces.org.uk. With a huge choice of necklaces for eveningwear and pearl necklaces you’ll love to wear to work you can simply browse the selection of stunning pearl necklaces and purchase your necklaces securely online. (more…)

    Aquamarine Necklaces For March

    Setting the scene for spring, glorious aquamarine necklaces with their blue-green shimmering radiance are the necklaces to wear this month.

    Aquamarine is the birthstone for March and for people born under the Pisces star sign aquamarine necklaces are said to be bearers of good luck and good fortune. (more…)