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    About Jess Cooper

    Hi, I’m Jess from Salisbury. I work as a nurse and live quite close to Stonehenge. I don’t get the chance to wear much jewellery at work but love to glam up in the evenings. I started buying necklaces when I was about twelve with money I earned from a paper round. I can now afford nicer necklaces and have a big collection to choose from when I go out with my friends. I love wearing gold necklaces and always accessorise with matching earrings and bracelets. I found the Necklaces.org.uk website whilst shopping for a birthday present and signed up to be a content writer to share my tips and advice with everyone.

    Posts Written by Jess Cooper

    Topaz Necklaces For Your Scorpio Girlfriend

    Topaz necklaces contain the shimmering blue gemstone known as topaz. A natural gemstone with exquisite beauty and colouring ranging from shades of uplifting sky blue to a mid blue known as Swiss Blue Topaz to luxurious shades of enigmatic deep London Blue named after the UK capital steeped in history and prestige.

    Topaz is the gemstone for the 11th calendar month of November and the Scorpio zodiac star sign. Deep, mysterious Scorpios love the colour changing within topaz necklaces and the simultaneous effect of drawing people in and holding them at safe distance to admire their sensuous jewels. (more…)

    Charm Necklaces Are Perfect For Christmas Gifts

    Charm necklaces are special in so many ways. From necklaces with a single treasured charm, perhaps a lucky horseshoe, the significant number 18 for coming of age, a sapphire charm, a kitch charm or even charm necklaces combining several charms at once!

    Popular charm necklaces are those with butterfly charms and romantic heart charm necklaces. These make special Christmas presents and create treasured memories as you wear your charm necklaces day after day. For a super selection of charm necklaces check out the collection at Necklaces.org.uk. (more…)

    Lindsay Lohan Necklace Thief?

    Hollywood actress and celebrity Lindsay Lohan has been accused of stealing a gold necklace worth £1,500 from a jewellery store at the end of January 2011. Lindsay Lohan, star of The Mean Girls, pleaded not guilty to the charges, believing that the necklace was on loan to her from the shop and would be returned.

    Wearing a figure hugging white minidress Lindsay Lohan arrived at the Los Angeles Airport Courthouse and was shortly given a £25,000 bail with instructions to reappear in two weeks time. A fan of designer jewellery and often seen wearing beautiful necklaces, Lindsay Lohan left the court looking composed behind her oversized sunglasses. (more…)

    Amethyst Necklaces For February

    As the cold winter sweeps through the country and temperatures fall below zero, try wearing amethyst necklaces to brighten up your day. The delicate lilac, purple and mauve gemstone known as amethyst is the perfect antidote to a cold winter’s day.

    Amethyst is also known as the gemstone of romance and an amethyst necklace makes the perfect Valentines gift and the perfect gift for someone born in February or under the Pisces star sign. For these lucky people wearing an amethyst necklace is said to bring luck and good fortune. (more…)