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    About Russell Mason

    As the eldest son of an established baker in Devon my family were surprised when I turned away from the family business and pursued a career in journalism. With more than a hundred stamps on my passport I visited many countries during my long career reporting news events. On my journeys I was always fascinated by the different types of ornate necklaces worn by men and women across cultures. Since retiring I chose Necklaces.org.uk to write for as the site is professional, informative and offers an opportunity for people to buy necklaces from the comfort of their own home.

    Posts Written by Russell Mason

    Tanzanite Necklaces – Beautiful Necklaces Containing the Unusual Tri-Colour Tanzanite Gemstone, The Birthstone For December

    Tanzanite necklaces enriched with the unusual three colour “trichoism” created with beautiful shades of sapphire, violet and burgundy in certain lighting is a purple-blue variety of the ziosite mineral and was recently nominated as the new birthstone for December.

    A lucky talisman first discovered in 1967 near Mount Kilimanjaro tanzanite is one of the most desirable gemstones and when worn as earrings or necklaces creates a stunning jewellery centrepiece that can be worn every day or saved for special occasions. (more…)

    Garnet Necklaces For Christmas

    Garnet necklaces are stunning necklaces filled with enigmatic dark red gemstones. Similar to its sister gemstone ruby, garnet is a passionate gemstone that represents love and desire across all continents.

    Garnet necklaces are perfect Christmas gifts for friends and family. These pretty necklaces are enhanced when you wear matching garnet earrings or a chic garnet bracelet to complete your look. Find a huge choice of modern and classic garnet necklaces at Necklaces.org.uk, the UK’s number one necklaces comparison site. Buy your necklaces securely online and check items for free delivery too. (more…)

    Ruby Necklaces Are The Gifts For Christmas

    Ruby necklaces are stunning necklaces that can be given as gifts at any time of the year. The blazing red ruby gemstones will lift your spirit and your soul and be the centrepiece of your jewellery collection. Ruby necklaces work in harmony with other ruby jewellery such as matching ruby earrings, ruby rings and ruby bracelets.

    Not just a summer colour, ruby red is as reminiscent of the sun rising as of the soft glow of bonfire embers to the pretty winter berries coated in diamond-like petals of snow. Ruby necklaces suit any skin tone or hair colouring and make treasured gifts as a treat to yourself or a surprise for someone special. (more…)

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    Necklaces.org.uk wishes you a very happy St. Patrick’s Day. St Patrick’s Day is celebrated internationally every year on the 17th of March and St. Patrick is the most recognised patron saint of Ireland. Just as red is associated with St. George and England, blue with St. Andrew and Scotland, the vibrant emerald green in the form of four leaf clovers, shamrocks and leprechauns is associated with St. Patrick and St. Patrick’s Day.

    At Necklaces.org.uk you’ll find many necklaces that are perfect to wear to your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a quiet party at home or taking to the streets in costume. St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect opportunity to wear your green necklaces and discover a new colour for your jewellery ensemble. Match your necklaces with bangles, bracelets and other accessories for your perfect St. Patrick’s Day look. (more…)