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    Charm Necklaces Are Perfect For Christmas Gifts

    Charm necklaces are special in so many ways. From necklaces with a single treasured charm, perhaps a lucky horseshoe, the significant number 18 for coming of age, a sapphire charm, a kitch charm or even charm necklaces combining several charms at once!

    Popular charm necklaces are those with butterfly charms and romantic heart charm necklaces. These make special Christmas presents and create treasured memories as you wear your charm necklaces day after day. For a super selection of charm necklaces check out the collection at Necklaces.org.uk. (more…)

    Butterfly Necklaces As Worn By Amanda Holden

    Butterfly necklaces are fashionable and popular necklaces that never fail to captivate and enchant. Butterflies are symbols of love and peace and these beautiful creatures evolving from wriggly caterpillars into winged butterflies flying freely about their business. Silver butterfly necklaces and butterfly necklaces made with wire, glass or gold make exquisite and thoughtful gifts if you’re looking for a present for someone special.

    Treat yourself to gorgeous butterfly necklaces when you choose from the fabulous collection of necklaces at Necklaces.org.uk. Worn by celebrity stars such as Amanda Holden on Britain’s Got Talent, butterfly necklaces are glamorous jewellery accessories. With charming butterfly talismans suitable for girls and ladies of all ages you’ll find pretty necklaces through to top quality silver jewels that you’ll want to save for a special occasion. (more…)

    Ruby Necklaces Are The Gifts For Christmas

    Ruby necklaces are stunning necklaces that can be given as gifts at any time of the year. The blazing red ruby gemstones will lift your spirit and your soul and be the centrepiece of your jewellery collection. Ruby necklaces work in harmony with other ruby jewellery such as matching ruby earrings, ruby rings and ruby bracelets.

    Not just a summer colour, ruby red is as reminiscent of the sun rising as of the soft glow of bonfire embers to the pretty winter berries coated in diamond-like petals of snow. Ruby necklaces suit any skin tone or hair colouring and make treasured gifts as a treat to yourself or a surprise for someone special. (more…)

    Opal Necklaces For You And Your Friends

    Opal necklaces are simply stunning necklaces that suit all ages and all personalities. No matter whether your favourite colour is red, yellow, blue or green, opal necklaces with their ever changing spectrum of colours include all the colours of the rainbow. Captivate your audience with the unique power of opal necklaces that will uplift your spirits and enhance your life.

    Opal is the birthstone for October and the Libra zodiac star sign. Giving an opal necklace to your October born friend or member of your family is a talisman they can wear to bring good luck and good fortune. Find your favourite opal necklaces at Necklaces.org.uk. (more…)

    Topaz Necklaces – Stunning Necklaces To Wear All Year Round

    Topaz necklaces have a hidden passion concealed within the pretty blue gemstone. Filled with the essence of the shimmering sunset falling on the sea and the beauty of the sunrise melting away the dew topaz necklaces are eye-catching, sophisticated and sleek necklaces you’ll love to wear.

    Topaz is a mesmerising shade of delicate blue that suits almost any skin tone or eye colour. Topaz necklaces make the perfect accessory to wear to work or at home. They are especially pretty when worn with a topaz ring or topaz earrings. The sensuous shades of blue are captivating and make excellent birthday presents and Christmas gifts. (more…)

    Pearl Necklaces – A Portrait Of Passion And Desire

    Pearl necklaces capture the essence of the ocean. Chic and refined, tranquil and timeless, pearl necklaces are shimmery and shiny and a true delight to wear around your neck. The soft pastel colourings within pearl necklaces can be truly uplifting and the texture next to your skin is simply divine.

    To buy your own pearl necklaces, freshwater pearl necklaces and cultured pearl necklaces choose from the fabulous collection available through Necklaces.org.uk. With a huge choice of necklaces for eveningwear and pearl necklaces you’ll love to wear to work you can simply browse the selection of stunning pearl necklaces and purchase your necklaces securely online. (more…)

    Opal Necklaces – Can You Capture The Fire?

    Opal necklaces contain the beautiful opal gemstone you won’t be able to take your eyes off. Opal expertly captures the amazing beauty of the rainbow effect of so many colours. When this mystical effect is combined into one of these beautiful necklaces it creates something unique and extremely special.

    Necklaces made with Australian opals and Mexican opals are delicate, beautiful and simply brimming with passion and sensual colours. (more…)

    Peridot Necklaces – Tips For Choosing Peridot Necklaces

    Peridot necklaces are the beautiful olive green necklaces we love to wear in the summer and all year around. The alluring peridot gemstone is pretty and charming and looks simply exquisite when coupled with diamonds or sapphires and worn alongside your emerald necklaces.

    At Necklaces.org.uk we have top tips for choosing necklaces and peridot necklaces. All necklaces are sourced from your favourite High Street stores and can be ordered securely online and delivered to your door ready to wear or to wrap for a friend’s birthday gift. (more…)

    Peridot Necklaces For The Summer

    Peridot necklaces are beautiful and alluring. Pretty peridot belongs to the olivine mineral family and rates 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale, harder than opal yet softer than diamond peridot necklaces contain stunning gemstones you’ll love wearing every day.

    Peridot represents peace, prosperity as well as vitality and growth. Necklaces with peridot also contain the olive green gemstone known as the evening emerald. Peridot is the gemstone for 16th wedding anniversaries too. (more…)

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    Necklaces.org.uk wishes you a very happy St. Patrick’s Day. St Patrick’s Day is celebrated internationally every year on the 17th of March and St. Patrick is the most recognised patron saint of Ireland. Just as red is associated with St. George and England, blue with St. Andrew and Scotland, the vibrant emerald green in the form of four leaf clovers, shamrocks and leprechauns is associated with St. Patrick and St. Patrick’s Day.

    At Necklaces.org.uk you’ll find many necklaces that are perfect to wear to your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a quiet party at home or taking to the streets in costume. St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect opportunity to wear your green necklaces and discover a new colour for your jewellery ensemble. Match your necklaces with bangles, bracelets and other accessories for your perfect St. Patrick’s Day look. (more…)